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Superb piece Ben, thank you.

- For me, there's a Before Move Any Mountain, where I'm full snob indie kid, ostentatiously hating dance music; and After Move Any Mountain, where I'm hit with the force of revelation: this is the ONLY music I want to listen to (ah, but where to go next in 1991? Our Price forced my hand - The Grid and System 7 came next...)

- Slightly concerned I left some of my brain down the front at Glastonbury when they played that Terrence McKenna jam.

- Oh, and Omega Amigo is the ONE.

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Great piece, Ben. I was unfamiliar with the pre-Mr C era of this band, and thought Ebenezer Goode was a bit of a novelty record so it’s good to get the backstory. Also, I think you nailed the role of the Rave MC - reflecting the crowd back to itself. It may not be stunning lyrically but it’s simple & effective for the time & place.

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